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Nutrition Services Plan (NSP)

This webpage contains the documents and tools needed for local agencies to complete their FFY 2012-14 NSP. The corresponding Work Plan contains designated goals and objectives along with the option for local agencies to add their own goals and objectives. The NSP also includes information, tools, and references for overall local agency planning and training for the delivery of nutrition services. 

FFY 2012-2014


NSP FFY 2012-2014 (DOC, New Window) 

Work Plan (DOC, New Window)

Evaluation Form (New Window)

PWPC 10-07-11-093 - Federal Fiscal Years 2012-2014 (PDF, New Window) 

PWPC 10-27-11-101 - Federal Fiscal Years 2012-2014 (PDF, New Window)


Goal 1 - Breastfeeding
Goal 2 - Baby Behavior
Goal 3 - Participant Centered Education
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