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WIC Food Policy Manual

The following policies outline federal regulations and state requirements for the selection of authorized foods for the California WIC food packages.

FP 1.0 WIC Food Authorization Process

FP 2.0 Milk

FP 2.1 Cheese

FP 2.2 Soy

FP 2.3 Tofu

FP 2.4 Juice (Concentrate and Bottled Juice)

FP 2.5 Eggs

FP 2.6 Breakfast Cereal

FP 2.7 Fruits and Vegetables

FP 2.8 Whole Grains

FP 2.9 Canned Fish

FP 2.10 Dry Beans, Peas or Lentils/Canned Mature Beans

FP 2.11 Peanut Butter

FP 2.12 Infant Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats

FP 2.13 Infant Cereal

FP 2.14 Infant Formula

For information on food policy change requests, click here.


Last modified on: 7/29/2010 2:53 PM