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WIC Contract Management Binder (CMB) FFY 2012-2014

For use with contracts beginning October 1, 2011

Revised October 2011

This page provides links to pages and sections of the California WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program WIC Contract Management Binder (CMB). The CMB is presented in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf). This is the complete CMB. The contents can be viewed on-line, downloaded, or printed. The information contained in the CMB covers the requirements to contract with the State of California and the California WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program.

  • Chapter 1 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Funding Application 
  • Chapter 2 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Program Requirements
  • Attachment 2-1 Request for WIC Site Approval Fillable Form (pdf)Opens a new browser window
  • Chapter 3 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Budget
  • Chapter 4 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- WIC Local Agency Contract and Amendments
  • Chapter 5 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Allowable Costs
  • Chapter 6 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Advance and Prospective Payments 
  • Chapter 7 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Procurement
  • Chapter 8 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Subcontracts
  • Chapter 9 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Travel, Training, and Conference Guidelines 
  • Chapter 10 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Inventory and Management of State Property
  • Chapter 11 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Authority to Spend
  • Chapter 12 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Reimbursement 
  • Chapter 13 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Report of Actual Expenditures
  • Attachment 13-1 (EXCEL) - Employee Time Sheet (Fillable)
  • Attachment 13-3 (EXCEL) - Agency Time Sheet Summary (Fillable)
  • FFY 2014 Closeout Process FAQ's (PDF)
  • FFY 2014 Closeout Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)  (To view page comments, select comment icon on the top left corner of the page.)
  • Chapter 14 (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Audits, Reviews, and Appeals
  • Glossary (PDF)Opens a new browser window- Terms and Definitions
  • Index (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Funding Application and Fill-In FormsOpens a new browser window 
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