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About the Tuberculosis Control Branch (TBCB)

Mission and Vision

Mission: To protect and improve the health of all, the Tuberculosis Control Branch provides leadership and resources to control and eliminate tuberculosis.

Vision: Our vision is to speed the decline of tuberculosis morbidity and mortality.


TBCB is a Branch of the Center for Infectious Diseases, Division of Communicable Disease Control.  The Branch is composed of four Sections, each with different roles that contribute toward our mission of tuberculosis (TB) control and elimination.

Outbreak Prevention & Control Section (OPCS)

The OPCS provides technical and direct assistance to California local health departments striving to contain the spread of TB. Assistance is often rendered in partnerships with local TB programs and other Sections of the TBCB and is intended to build local capacity for improved TB control.  The OPCS also offers assistance through the Multidrug-resistant TB Service (MDR-TB), which was established to enhance the detection, treatment, and management of MDR-TB cases throughout the State.

Program Development Section (PDS)

The PDS is responsible for assessing, evaluating, and building the capacity of California's overall TB control program, for legislative analysis, and for maintaining expert knowledge of TB laws and regulations. The PDS actively identifies current and emerging issues, and responds to inquiries and requests from the public, local TB programs, and other State agencies. The PDS seeks to maximize TB control capacity by developing technical assistance, programs, projects, and interventions to remedy program gaps and fulfill public health needs.

Resources Planning & Management Section (RPMS)

The RPMS manages Branch operational activities and provides fiscal guidance, funding, and support to local health departments to prevent and control tuberculosis in their respective communities. As part of its service to local TB programs, the RPMS provides technical advice and assistance in developing TB program budgets, reallocation of TB funding, and assistance with ongoing budget management and review.

Surveillance & Epidemiology Section (SES)

The Surveillance and Epidemiology Section (SES) collects accurate and complete information on the epidemiology of TB in California to inform public health action at the local, state and national levels, and provides California TB data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The SES analyzes surveillance data reported by local TB programs to describe the distribution and determinants of TB in the California population, including the detection of outbreaks. The SES conducts clinical, epidemiological, and operational research and evaluation projects to advance the understanding of TB epidemiology and to inform control activities.

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