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Lead’s Revenge! ¡La Venganza del Plomo!

A training video about lead paint and ladder safety

Un video para capacitación sobre la seguridad cuando se trabaja con las escaleras o pintura con plomo

Two common hazards faced by painters and other construction workers are lead poisoning and falls from ladders.  The Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s innovative bilingual DVD will assist painting and construction companies to address these hazards by conducting tailgate trainings and running safer jobsites. 

“Not your typical classroom lecture,” the video combines factual information with humor to convey educational content in a story format.  It shows actions employers and workers should take to prevent ladder falls and lead poisoning on the job, as well as steps they can take to protect families from lead that can be brought home from the worksite.  Key educational and motivational messages are conveyed in both English and Spanish without the use of subtitles.  (English/Spanish, 17 minutes)

Lead’s Revenge –¡La Venganza del Plomo! - play complete film / ver vídeo completo

Lead’s Revenge YouTube playlist – view complete film or chapters from a YouTube interface

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Chapter 1. Ladder Safety - Seguridad con las escaleras

Chapter 2. Lead Paint Dangers At Work - La Pintura con el Plomo: el peligro en el trabajo

Chapter 3. Don’t Bring Lead Home! - ¡No lleve el plomo a la casa!

Chapter 4. Working Safely With Lead - Cómo trabajar de manera segura con el plomo

Chapter 5. Winning The Battle Against Lead - Cómo vencer al plomo


To order a copy of the DVD / para pedir una copia del DVD:

(866) 627-1587 (se habla español)



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