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Lead Poisoning Case Investigations

Background and Purpose

The best way to know if a person is being exposed to lead is to have a blood lead level (BLL) test.  In California, employers are required to provide blood lead testing for their employees who work with lead.  Laboratories that analyze BLL tests report the results to OLPPP, which operates the California Occupational Blood Lead Registry.  OLPPP uses information from the Registry to identify lead-poisoned workers for follow-up.

OLPPP investigates and follows up on reported cases of lead poisoning in individual workers. The purpose of these investigations is to ensure that:

  • Workers receive proper medical care;
  • Conditions in the workplace that resulted in lead poisoning are corrected;
  • Workers do not carry lead contamination home and poison their families.

Case Investigation Activities

To achieve these goals, OLPPP:

  • Calls the lead-poisoned worker to address concerns about his or her health, learn about the workplace, and identify household members and co-workers at risk;
  • Talks to the employer to review the company’s lead safety measures and make recommendations on how to control lead exposure;
  • Contacts the doctor who is treating the lead-poisoned worker to review the case and provide information and assistance.
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