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Vital Statistics Data

To order data files, complete and return the appropriate application to the Health Information and Research Section, or scanned copies of the completed applications may be emailed to HIRS@cdph.ca.gov.  Your application may require review by the Vital Statistics Advisory Committee (VSAC) and/or the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS).

Please note that we require pre-payment for data files.  Birth and death data requests are subject to cost recovery.  The Center for Health Statistics and Informatics (CHSI) recently reviewed the charges for compiling and producing data requests.  The purchase price reflects the actual cost required for staff time.

 HIRS Research App.docx


The California Department of Public Health has recently revised its Vital Records data request application process.  Please select and complete the appropriate application for your purposes.


Public Use

Application (Word Document)



Application (Word Document)



Application (Word Document)

Information Privacy and Security Requirements



Pending Update

Information Privacy and Security Requirements


Local Health Departments

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CDPH Programs only

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Tabular Reports

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