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Tailgate Training Materials - Safety Break Cards

Tarjetas para las pláticas de seguridad (Safety Break Card Spanish titles)

Conducting Effective Tailgate Trainings (journal abstract)

BuildSafe Project Description


Tailgate Training Materials - Safety Break Cards

BuildSafe California produced a health and safety tailgate training kit in English and Spanish.  The kit consists of Safety Break cards on 23 construction safety topics. It also includes instructions on how to use the cards and a template for designing safety trainings that meet a specific worksite’s needs using other topics contained in the Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide Opens in new browser window (English or Spanish) for the Construction Industry. These cards are simple to use and designed to improve the quality of tailgates. 

  1. How To Use Safety Break Cards (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  2. Chemical Hazards (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  3. Electrical Safety (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  4. Emergencies/First Aid (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  5. Eye Protection (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  6. Fall Protection (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  7. Guardrails (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  8. Hazard Awareness (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  9. Hearing Protection (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish
  10. Heat Stress (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  11. Ladders – Extension (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  12. Ladders – Step (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  13. Lifting (PDF)Opens in new browser window  Spanish
  14. Power Tool Safety (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  15. Respirator Review (1/2 Mask) (PDF)Opens in new browser window  Spanish
  16. Scaffolds (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  17. Slips And Trips (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  18. Sun Protection (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  19. Toxic Dust Awareness - Asbestos and Lead (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  20. Toxic Dusts – Silica (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  21. Trenching (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  22. Vehicles Backing Up (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  23. Working Smart (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  24. Creating A New Safety Break Card (PDF) Opens in new browser window  Spanish
  25. Blank Card (PDF)Opens in new browser window   Spanish
  26. Sign-In Sheet (PDF)Opens in new browser window    Spanish


Conducting Effective Tailgate Trainings - journal article abstract (2008)
Effective tailgate trainings (brief jobsite safety meetings) can be a powerful tool to promote hazard awareness and safe work practices. OHB’s BuildSafe California project conducted training-of-trainers for over 1,500 construction contractors and supervisors to improve their ability to provide effective tailgate trainings. This article in the journal Health Promotion Practice describes the key elements of an effective tailgate training, and the project intervention and evaluation findings.

BuildSafe Project Description (PDF)Opens in new browser window  - BuildSafe Tailgate Training Seminars  2001-2005

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