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California Newborn Screening Program

Results Reporting

A report of each baby’s initial test results (Newborn Screening Results Mailer) is mailed to the hospital that drew the specimen and to the newborn’s physician of record noted on the demographic sheet of the screening form. This NBS Report Mailer should be in both the hospital chart and the pediatric care provider’s office chart.

As in all screening programs, most of the tests are negative.  If the initial screening test is positive, or if the sample is not adequate for testing, the mailer provides information on follow-up procedures. If a baby has been transfused, or if there is an unusual hemoglobin pattern, the mailer may also recommend independent follow-up outside of the NBS Program.

Pediatric care providers should review the result mailers of all children under one year of age. The physician providing well-child care will not automatically receive the NBS result mailer unless (s)he is the pediatric provider noted on the specimen collection form. A copy of the NBS Results Mailer can be obtained by contacting your local Area Service Center, Newborn Screening Follow-up Coordinator, or the State Department of Public Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program office.

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