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California Newborn Screening Program

Inadequate Specimens

The following is a coded list of reasons for rejecting an initial specimen for testing:

Inadequacy determined from appearance of spots

1. Circles not completely filled

2. Blood not soaked through evenly to other side of paper

3. Clots on surface of sample

4. Blood spread unevenly or layered (incorrect collection or drying apparent)

5. Blood or paper appears contaminated by spill or is unusually soiled

6. Blood is very pale

7. Blood is very dark as though heated

8. Blood is greenish as though old

Inadequacy due to quality of collection or transport

9. Sample is too old (more than 14 days since collection)

10. Sample found unprotected in the mail

11. Blood spots are not completely dry

12. Sample does not elute

Miscellaneous inadequacies not related to blood appearance or quality

13. Sample is not on proper collection paper

14. NBS form number on TRF does not match number on collection paper

15. Anomalous pattern of test results

16. No blood on filter paper

17. Hemoglobin concentration too low

18. Hemoglobin concentration too high

19. Sample inadequate - other reason


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