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GeneHELP Resource Center
(Genetic Health Education Link with Providers)

GeneHELP is the resource center housed and maintained by the Genetic Disease Screening Program to assist health care providers, other professionals and the general public in the selection, utilization, and development of accurate and appropriate educational materials on genetic screening, genetic disorders and services. GeneHELP contains information on a variety of different formats which include DVDs, 1/2" VHS videotapes, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, curricula, and slides.

GeneHELP searches for new genetic health education materials on an ongoing basis from many different organizations. New materials are reviewed using a staff of consumers, teachers, health educators, doctors, genetic counselors, and nurses.

GDB staff and advisory committees of professionals and consumers review materials and make recommendations on materials based upon many criteria including:

  • clarity of message
  • reading level
  • readability
  • cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • print size
  • graphics
  • content accuracy
  • relevancy
  • presentation

All educational materials are categorized as either recommended or not recommended. In addition, all sickle cell materials are also categorized as either approved or not approved for use by State-approved sickle cell education and counseling programs. All comments and information on the evaluated materials are then entered into and maintained in the GeneHELP Database. Currently there are over 900 titles of materials on certain genetic diseases, hemoglobinopathies, birth defects, and newborn screening and prenatal diagnosis issues. Some of the materials that are especially well-written and useful are purchased in bulk for distribution to our California health care providers.

GeneHELP is here to provide California health care providers with high quality materials, resource referrals and consultation. Requestors can obtain a computer printout of this information which includes recommendations for use of the materials, plus the cost and how to obtain them. In addition, informational searches and referrals to other agencies and resources can be obtained by calling the Resource Center. Sample copies and small quantities of many of the items are available free of charge to California health professionals.

If you would like help in selecting or developing genetic educational materials, please call our consultation line and talk to our health education consultant at (510) 412-1494. If you already know the title and type of material you need, and would like to place an order, please call our order line at (510) 412-1542.


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