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California Personal Responsibility Education Program (CA PREP)

MO-11-0017 CAPREP

The purpose of CA PREP is to 1) educate California’s most high-risk and vulnerable adolescents on both abstinence and contraception by replicating evidence-based program models that have been proven to change behavior or reduce pregnancy among youth; 2) address at least three adulthood preparation subjects; 3) create family planning clinical linkages; and 4) maintain a community coalition of stakeholders to engage community members in actions that change social norms in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Decrease teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections;
  • Support youth’s personal growth with meaningful opportunities for enrichment to increase resiliency and self-efficacy to avoid harmful behaviors;
  • Ensure access to teen friendly family and reproductive health planning services; and,
  • Increase community support in the development of healthy youth and the reduction of risky sexual behaviors.

Upon designation by the Governor’s Office in 2010, CDPH solicited and received federal funds to support the CA PREP.  Via a collaborative effort with the Office of Family Planning (OFP), MCAH will release the CA PREP RFA, review the applications, award the funds, and administer and monitor the awards.

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