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Phlebotomy Certification

Phlebotomists may now apply online for certification: https://secure.cpshr.us/cltreg/.

Applicable Laws and Regulations

California Business and Professions Code:  Sections 1240-1246.5 (there are other sections that apply to billing issues and license offenses). 

Health and Safety Code: Sections  120580 and 120900-120920 (there are other sections that apply embedded in these sections).

California Code of Regulations - Title 17:  Section 1034 (there are other sections that apply embedded in these sections).

    Division 1. State Department of Health Services

        Chapter 2. Laboratories

            Subchapter 1.  Service Laboratories

                Group 2.  Clinical Laboratory Regulations

                    Article 1.5. Licensure of Clinical Laboratory Personnel

                          § 1034 Certification of Phlebotomy Technicians

"Phlebotomy Regulations"  (PowerPoint, 2MB)
View a PowerPoint overview of the phlebotomy regulations.

How To Obtain a Phlebotomy Certificate (PDF)Opens a new browser window.
View a table which describes the step-by-step process of how a new or experienced phlebotomist will obtain a California State issued certificate under the new phlebotomy regulations.

Approved Phlebotomy Certifying Organization Examinations (PDF)

This document lists the national phlebotomy certification examinations which have been approved for state certification purposes.  Passing one of these examinations will only satisfy the examination requirement for state certification.  All other requirements, such as education, training, and payment of fees to the state, must also be met.

Approved Phlebotomy Training School List (PDF)

This document provides a list of all currently state approved phlebotomy training programs. 

FAQ's (PDF)Opens a new browser window.
The most common questions and answers concerning the phlebotomy regulations.

For additional information you may contact LFSpersonnel@cdph.ca.gov or call 510-620-3800.

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