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Blood and Tissue Bank Licensure and Cytology Surveillance

Laboratory Field Services provides a blood bank licensure and surveillance program that is fee supported. It includes blood banks, plasma centers, stem cell and cord blood banks, and their collection centers. The American Association of Blood Bank Standards have been incorporated into state law and these must also be followed by all hospital transfusion services. The program manager, Robert Hunter, supports the program's licensure activities for 220 licensed facilities and 364 additional associated facilities.

LFS provides a tissue bank licensure and surveillance program that is fee supported. It includes oversight of facilities that collect, process, store, and distribute human tissue for fertility treatment, bone marrow, donor milk, and all human cadaveric tissue for transplantation therapy. The program manager, Clint Venable, works with two other examiners to support the licensure activities of all California tissue banks, including out-of-state banks that supply tissue to California. There are currently about 520 tissue banks that maintain a California license.

LFS provides a cytology surveillance program that is supported by special assessment fees based on the number of cytology slides read by the each facility. This provides funding for the state’s cytotechnologists to conduct special surveys of 300 licensed clinical laboratories that are certified in cytotechnology. The cytology program is supported by two cytotechnologists.

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