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Join us by celebrating Preteen Vaccine Week 

January 17-23, 2010!


The purpose of Preteen Vaccine Week is to raise awareness of the importance of immunizations for preteens ages 11 and 12. You can help by distributing information and materials through multiple avenues such as schools and providers to raise awareness about ACIP recommendations and promote the preteen doctor visit.

ACIP currently recommends that 11- and 12-year-olds receive these vaccines:

 q Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough)

q     Meningococcal

q     Two flu vaccines: the regular seasonal flu (annually) and the H1N1 (swine) flu

q     HPV (human papillomavirus) 3-shot series

q     A total of 2 vaccines against chickenpox (varicella)


 2010 Preteen Kit and Planning Materials

2010 Preteen Vaccine Week Campaign Kit
This word document contains all of the information you need to run an outreach campaign to promote adolescent vaccines and the preteen doctor visit.

2010 Preteen Vaccine Week Educational Activities
Conduct these activities at health fairs, schools and youth group gatherings!

Imperial County's Preteen Vaccine Scavenger Hunt

Preteen Educational Materials

Preteen Doctor Visit Brochure | Español (Spanish)
A color brochure aimed at preteens. You can order copies of this brochure from your local health department.

Parent Flyer from Schools | Black & white | Español (Spanish) Black & White Spanish (PDF)
Flyers can be sent to students' homes to encourage parents to schedule a check-up for their preteen. Look inside the Campaign Kit to find modifiable flyers with all vaccine recommendations. 

Preteen Doctor Visit Poster | Español (PDF)
A colorful poster for schools, school health centers, doctor's offices and other venues.

Native American Pre-teen Vaccine Campaign
CDC’s Native American campaign includes posters, flyers, and web buttons.

Vietnamese Pre-teen Vaccine Campaign Flyers
CDC’s Preteen Vietnamese Campaign includes posters, flyers, and web buttons.

Korean Pre-teen Vaccine Campaign Flyers
CDC’s Korean Campaign includes posters, flyers, and web buttons.

Preteen Doctor Visit Postcard (4-up for laser or ink jet printing) (PDF)
A color postcard to remind families of preteens to schedule a check-up for their 11-and 12-year-olds

PowerPoint Presentation for Preteens
Use these slides to reach out to adolescents! It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the iz jeopardy!

Preteen Drop-in Article
Short article can be used for newsletters, blogs, etc. Compliments of San Diego County Immunization Branch.


Public Service Announcements

Vaccine Rap Targeting Preteens (60s) (mp3) (30s) (mp3) Rap Lyrics (Word document)

Radio PSA Targeting English-speaking Parents of Preteens (30s) (MP3) (15s) (MP3)

Radio PSA Targeting Spanish-speaking Parents of Preteens (30s) (MP3)

Radio and Television Public Service Announcements
PSAs in English and Spanish produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other Resources




CDC launched their own Preteen Vaccine Campaign in 2007. Materials for parents and providers are available in English and Spanish.
 Vaccination for Pre-Teens Important, Too

An interview on National Public Radio with Dr. Jeanne Santoli of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.


GIVE IT A SHOT Toolkit for Nurses and Other Immunization Champions

Advocating for adolescent immunizations takes time. That’s why this time-saving Toolkit was created. Need a professional looking flier? How about a handout to send home? More than 40 easy-to-use and reliable resources are described and available on a convenient CD. Order a copy from the American School Health Association.


School-Located Influenza Vaccination Using Multiple Community Vaccinators webinar

Archive from the Sept. 14, 2009.


Marketing Vaccines to Tweens (webinar)

Susan Kirby, of Kirby Marketing Solutions, discusses social marketing and disease prevention that’s specifically directed at “tweens”, and how to empower them to get the immunizations they need.


Past Preteen Vaccine Week Campaigns



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