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The Latest Pandemic Flu Information

Pandemic influenza (flu) is a worldwide flu outbreak that occurs every few decades. Infection with the influenza virus will spread rapidly to affect most countries and regions around the world. Pandemic flu is likely to cause the same symptoms as ordinary flu but the symptoms may be more severe because nobody will have immunity or protection against that particular virus. A high number of persons may likely become ill. Because pandemic flu is much more serious than ‘ordinary’ flu, the California Department of Public Health is planning to be able to better respond to a worst case scenario event if it should occur.

The following information is for you to become better informed about pandemic influenza and resources that are available to help the public better protect themselves in case of a pandemic flu outbreak.


CDC Guidelines for Community Containment Measures 
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released guidelines for community containment measures to help businesses, schools, families, and communities prepare for a possible pandemic influenza outbreak in the United States. The guidance document, called the "Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance: Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation in the United States - Early Targeted Layered Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions," focuses on strategies that can slow the spread of disease, such as cancelling public gatherings, school closure and teleworking. For the first time, the new CDC guidelines illustrate how public health recommendations should, or may vary depending on the projected severity of a pandemic. The full document is available at: http://www.flu.gov/planning-preparedness/community/community_mitigation.pdf

CDC Pandemic Flu Update (PDF, New Window)
The June 2007 edition of the CDC's Pandemic flu publication.

Be Prepared California
A State website dedicated to emergency preparedness activities and resources for all Californians. 

Ready CA Schools
There are many resources for pandemic influenza preparedness at this official State of CA site.

H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Vaccine Shows Promise
An NIH News release about the results of a clinical trial.

Report Sick Birds Call 866–922–BIRD or 866–922–2473 to report sick birds, or click the link above to learn about the signs of disease in pet birds and in poultry.

Bird flu information
A CDPH page describing the difference between bird flu and pandemic flu.

Pandemic Flu Plans

California Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan 2006 (PDF, New Window)
The official State of California Pandemic Flu planning document.

    Recommendations for the Use of Face Masks and Respirators  (PDF, New Window)
    Seven page document on the proper use of the devices for the public to reduce the spread of

    Antiviral Medication Stockpile Guidance for Local Agencies and Businesses  (PDF, New Window)
    Covers proper use of antivirals during a pandemic, with information on stockpiling and recommendations.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Pandemic Flu Plan 
A blueprint for pandemic influenza preparation and response. It provides guidance to national, 
state, and local policy makers and health departments.

Educational Materials
Trainings and Events
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