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Evaluation Section

This section is responsible for the design, testing and on-going evaluation of all of the statistical methodology for both the Newborn and Prenatal Screening Programs. This includes the algorithms for numerical risk calculations for the prenatally detected disorders and determining the cut-offs for the risk levels of individuals that should be offered follow-up.  On-going monitoring of changes in laboratory kit lots with respect to analyte medians is also the responsibility of this Section.  In conjunction with the Newborn Screening Branch and outside clinical advisors, staff from this Section set and monitor the cut-off levels for the newborn screening program's targeted disorders.

In addition, this Section is primarily responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of reports from the SIS (Screening Information System) database that are used by both PDE staff and clinical staff for on-going program monitoring.  A data request process has been developed to streamline the process of getting information out of SIS.  Over 300 ad hoc and routine reports have been created since SIS go-live in July of 2005. 

The Section Chief also may provide advanced statistical support for numerous investigations conducted by other PDE Sections and the Genetic Disease Screening Laboratory.

The Section Chief has been the co-lead for the programmatic development of the new Expanded Prenatal Screening program which includes first trimester and integrated screening for chromosome abnormalities. This expansion of the Prenatal Screening Program went into operation in April, 2009.

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