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American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) and American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG):

  • What does it mean to be “In Good Standing” with the ABGC? How do I verify if I am “In Good Standing?”

    All Genetic Counselors who are ABGC certified and whose certification has not lapsed and have not been placed on probation by the ABGC are considered to be “In Good Standing”.  Genetic counselors can verify if they are “In Good Standing” by contacting the ABGC at info@abgc.net.
  • What is ABGC or ABMG recertification?

    Voluntary recertification is available for Genetic Counselors certified by the ABGC prior to 1996. Beginning 1996, Genetic Counselors certified or recertified by ABGC were required to apply for recertification every 10 years. Beginning 2010, Genetic Counselors certified or recertified by ABGC are required to apply for recertification every 5 years.

    So, if a Genetic Counselor was certified in 1999, they were required to apply for recertification in 2009 (with an effective date of 2010), but then will need to apply for recertification again in 2014 (every five years).

    The chart below that helps with the formula:  

                 Year of                               Year to Apply                      Next Year to Apply
              Certification                         for Recertification                    for Recertification  
                   1996                                     2006                                        2016
                   1999                                     2009                                        2014
                   2002                                     2012                                        2017
                   2005                                     2015                                        2020
                   2007                                     2017                                        2022
                   2009                                     2019                                        2024
                   2010                                     2015                                        2021
                   2011                                     2016                                        2022

    Voluntary recertification is available for Ph.D. Medical Geneticists certified by the ABMG prior to 1993. Beginning in 1993, Ph.D. Medical Geneticists certified or recertified by the ABMG are required to apply for recertification every ten years.
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