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Environmental Health Laboratory Branch

Despite more than 30 years of effort on the part of the public, the government, and private industry, there is still toxic chemical pollution in air, water, and soil. This pollution continues to be a source of illness and death. In order to manage public health risks from exposure to these toxic substances, it is necessary to understand the types and quantities of chemicals present in the environment and to determine their impact on the health of exposed populations. As part of this process, the Environmental Health Laboratory Branch (EHLB) is responsible for analyzing environmental and biological samples for the presence and quantities of toxic substances such as pesticides and lead, physical agents such as asbestos, and biologically derived airborne contaminants such as molds. With a multidisciplinary staff of experts in chemistry, microbiology, ventilation engineering, epidemiology, and statistics, the EHLB conducts a wide variety of laboratory analyses and studies.

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