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Request Copy of Individualized Family Service Plan

The Request Copy of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) form (Word)Opens a new browser window.is a written plan, for children who are three (3) years of age and younger who have a developmental delay or disability, detailing the early intervention services and supports a child will receive. The IFSP is based on recommendations and evaluations from the early intervention team members but parents and family are important participants in the development of this plan.

  • Often times community providers (medical doctors, social workers, etc.) are not part of the early intervention team and do not know what services and supports a child and family are receiving.
  • The IFSP can help providers with their care and management of children with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.
  • Providers can also help families further understand their child’s care if they are knowledgeable about the services and supports included in an IFSP.
  • The Request a Copy of an Individualized Family Service Plan Form can be used to request a copy of a child’s IFSP with parent consent.

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