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Food and Drug Laboratory Branch

Microbiology Section


Microbiological Analysis Performed:

Bacterial Pathogens:

   ·         E. coli O157:H7    

    ·         Salmonella sp. 

    ·         Listeria sp.

              ·         Campylobacter sp.

    ·         Vibrio sp. 

    ·         Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli

    ·         Bacillus sp.

    ·         Total coliform analysis

    ·         Sterility testing

Viral Pathogens:

    ·          Norovirus


Please contact the Microbiology Laboratory for information regarding testing of select agent and toxins in foods.

Products Typically Analyzed:  Food, environmental samples, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and bottled water.

Research: Methods development, matrix extensions, high-throughput analysis, molecular methods. 


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