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Worksite Program Research and Evaluation

Topline Report - The Economic Costs of Physical Inactivity, Obesity, and Overweight in California Adults (PDF, 1.14MB)Opens in a new browser window
Health Care, Workers' Compensation, and Lost Productivity 

Fruits and Vegetables and Physical Activity at the Worksite: Business Leaders and Working Women Speak out on Access and Environment Summary Report (PDF)Opens in a new browser window
The Worksite Program formative research report, including background, methods, results, conclusions and recommendations, resources, and references.

Issue Brief: Worksite Nutrition and Physical Activity (PDF)Opens in a new browser window
An issue-oriented overview including healthy eating and physical activity at work, what employers can do, what employees can do, what community organizations can do, case studies, and information resources 

Health Statistics Related to Californians and the Workplace - Statistics (PDF)Opens in a new window
Topics relevant to California’s workforce, including: overweight and obesity, the chronic disease costs, nutrition, physical activity, and health promotion at the workplace. 

Worksite Program Informational Sheet (PDF)Opens in a new window

Worksite Wellness Program Keeps Employees Healthy.  (PDF)Opens in a new window.


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