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USDA Administrative Review of the California Nutrition Network

The Western Regional Office (WRO) of the USDA Food Stamp Program conducted an administrative review of State operations and selected local projects from the 2004 state plans for the California Nutrition Network and Food Stamp Outreach.  This involved office and site visits at the California Department of Health Services, the California Department of Social Services, the Public Health Institute, and eight contractors conducted between March and May, 2006.  The local contractors -- three non-profits, two school districts, a local health department, one Indian tribal organization, and a community college district -- were chosen to reflect the larger class of participating agencies in major program delivery channels. The USDA findings with corrective actions and recommendations were received in July, and the State provided its formal response to USDA in November, 2006.  USDA is currently reviewing the State’s response and may seek additional information/clarification from the State.

WRO reported that California continues to operate among the most innovative and comprehensive Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE) programs in the nation. However, USDA noted several areas where we need to make improvements.  The State’s response reflects our commitments to improve program quality and fiscal integrity at both the State and local-level FSNE offices.  The State will track its progress to assure that commitments made to the federal government are met.  Network partner agencies are encouraged to review USDA’s findings and the State’s response paying particular attention to the local contractor findings that are similar to your contract type (schools districts, health department, non-profits).

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