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Retail Program Promotional Activities

Our team of local Retail Specialists offers free promotional services to qualifying retailers. Promotional activities include:

·       Food Demonstrations

Increase your customers’ taste for fruits and vegetables.

Food demonstrations are a great way to encourage your customers to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables.  These fun and interactive food demonstrations can be conducted with fresh, canned, frozen, dried, or juiced fruits and vegetables inside or in front of your store.

Food demonstrations include:

o    A free, 4-hour fruit and vegetable demonstration service provided by certified food handlers.

o    Free goodie bags, which include a cookbook and other promotional items for customers.

o    Assistance with print or radio promotions for the demonstration.

·       Store Tours

Empower families to purchase more fruits and vegetables.

Store tours focus on how to select, handle and store fruits and vegetables, and how to select healthy beverage options.  Shoppers learn about the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables and are reminded to purchase them every time they shop.  Tour topics include nutrition, storage tips, seasonality, nutrition label reading, and easy ways to prepare fruits and vegetables.  Tours are great for adults and children alike!

Store tours include:

o    A free tour led by a well-trained Retail Specialist.  The tour includes the produce department and the canned, frozen, and juiced fruit and vegetable aisles.

o    Free goodie bags, which include a cookbook and other promotional items for customers.

o    Optional fruit and vegetable taste testing and/or healthy beverage demonstration.

·       Promotions & Observances

Help your community celebrate with fruits and vegetables.

Promotional events like health fairs, cooking contests, and cook-offs can add a sense of community to your store.  Our Retail Specialists can help you celebrate themes and observances like Back-to-School or Black History Month to further promote a good relationship with your customers!

Fruit and Veggie Fest

Across California, parents are becoming Champions for Change by taking charge of their families’ health. These parents know good health starts in their shopping carts and kitchens. Through Fruit and Veggie Fest, the Retail Program is shining the spotlight on its supermarket and grocery store partners, and the important role they play in making sure healthy and budget-friendly food choices are available to low-income shoppers. 

The Network for a Healthy California’s annual Fruit and Veggie Fest is the recipient of Produce Business Magazine’s Marketing Excellence Award in 2013, which recognizes outstanding creativity, comprehensive strategy and successful execution. For more information on the award visit: Produce Business Magazine (PDF, 8MB)Opens a new browser window.

Retailers that host a Fruit and Veggie Fest event work with local Retail Specialists to plan and coordinate the event.  Host retailers also receive public relations support to promote the event and generate media attention, thereby elevating your company’s profile.

This 9 minute film, Healthy Communities Taking Root, is about an annual Fruit and Veggie Fest: Fruit and Veggie Fest 2010Opens a new browser window.

News coverage: State Officials And Local Grocers Pair Up To Encourage Healthier Eating


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