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Retail Program Merchandising Materials

Retailers located in qualifying neighborhoods can choose from a wide variety of Point-of-Sale materials at no cost! Contact a regional retail specialist to find out if you store qualifies for free materials today!

In-Store Radio

Enjoy the use of our 60- or 90-second in-store radio spots. These spots remind customers to pick up plenty of fresh, tasty fruits and vegetables for their families every time they shop.

Para las mamas (MPEG Audio Layer 3) - Spanish• This corrido praises all the mothers of California who are making healthy changes for their families.

Me he de comer esa tuna (MPEG Audio Layer 3) - Spanish• This ranchera style song is about a mother who is determined to feed her children plenty of fruits and vegetables and make sure they get plenty of physical activity.

Produce Department Signage

The following signage is available in 22 X 28 posters that can be displayed in floor stands, on a wall, or on a storefront window. These images are also available for use in counter-top signs that hold our fruit and vegetable recipe cards.

  • Spring / Summer Latino poster (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Spring / Summer Teen poster (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Spring / Summer African American poster (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Spring / Summer Asian poster (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Spring / Summer Children poster (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Recipe Cards

  • Mango and Black Bean Salad  (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Fruit Pico de Gallo  (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Southwast Slaw (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Strawberry Smoothie (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Creole Green Bean (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Easy Turkey Skillet Dinner (PDF)Opens a new browser window...Spanish 
  • Harvest of the Month

  • Newsletter English and Spanish (PDF)Opens a new browser window 
    Learn about seasonal produce items with Harvest of the Month.

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