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Research & Evaluation


  • Provide valuable state-specific health statistics and data through its statewide surveys.
  • Develop and maintain an effective evaluation system to use in planning and evaluating all projects overseen, managed, or funded by the Network.
  • Provide research support to carry out evaluations of specific Network special projects.
  • Monitor extramural research projects that examine promising areas for technology transfer in nutrition, social marketing, and physical activity.
  • Another function of the Research and Evaluation Unit is to provide support to staff, partners, and other professionals on research questions about the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and chronic disease, determinants of fruit and vegetable consumption, and other related information.  

    Contact Information

    Research & Evaluation Section
    California Department of Public Health
    Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch
    1616 Capitol Avenue
    PO Box 942732, MS 7204
    Sacramento, CA 94234-7320
    (916) 449-5400

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