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Childhood Obesity Conference

When: Tue - Fri, 06/28/11 - 07/01/11

Where: San Diego CA

Description: The 5th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference in Los Angeles, CA was a huge success! With 1700 participants in attendance, the conference continued its strong history of leadership and commitment to childhood obesity prevention! It is not too early to start planning for the 6th Biennial Childhood Obesitty Conference to be held in San Diego, CA June 28 – July 1, 2011. Check back for updates! 

Sponsored By
: California Department of Public Health, California Department of Education, the University of California Berkeley Dr. Robert C and Veronica Atkins Center for Weight and Health, The California Endowment, and Kaiser Permanente.

Who Should Attend:  • Healthcare professionals and policymakers (physicians, nutritionists, nurses, psychologists, and counselors)
• Urban and rural planners
• Transportation planners
• Civic, parent, and youth leaders and organizers
• Researchers
• Parks and recreation personnel
• Agricultural and local community-based food systems professionals (growers and distributors)
• K-12, early childhood and after school professionals (school board members / administrators, food service, child care providers, physical education and nutrition educators and teachers)
• Business leaders (grocery retailers and farmers’ markets)
• Media professionals

Registration information: Registration is required and TBD

  Contact: TBD

For addtional information visit http://www.cce.csus.edu/conferences/childobesity/09/index.htm

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