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Local Health Department Funding Application Packet FFY 2014

Implementing Comprehensive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) Programs

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Network for a Healthy California (Network) is pleased to release the funding application process for continuing and renewing Local Health Department (LHD) contractor/grantee for FFY 2014.  The Network requires detailed documentation from each contractor/grantee for the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) annual State Plan.  This funding application is only for the documents required for the State Plan.  Amendments will be processed separately.

LHDs serve as the lead health agency in their respective jurisdictions.  They coordinate with local partners and involve multiple sectors in spearheading efforts to improve the nutritional status and prevent obesity among California's low-income population in accordance with the USDA's SNAP-Ed FFY 2014 Guidance.

LHDs need to submit a Letter of Intent by April 12, 2013.  The funding application packet is due May 6, 2013.

  • Funding Announcement Letter (PDF)  New Window
  • Letter of Intent (Word)  New Window
  • Addendum 1 (PDF)  New Window
  • Webinar Questions - Day 1 (PDF)  New Window
  • Webinar Questions - Day 2 (PDF)  New Window
  • LHD Sub-Granting Requirements (PDF)  New Window
  • Application Forms and Instructions

  • Form 1: Application Cover Sheet (Word)  New Window
  • Form 2: Grantee Information Form (GIF) (Word)  New Window
  • Form 3: Agency Capacity and Assurances (Renewing only) (Word)  New Window
  • Project Synopsis Instructions (PDF)  New Window
  • Form 4: Project Synopsis (Word)  New Window
  • Scope of Work (SOW) Instructions.  (Renewing contractors/grantees.  Continuing contractors/grantees will continue with the same SOW that is currently in their grant). (PDF)  New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 1-9) (Word)  New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 10) (Word)  New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 11) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 12) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 13) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 14) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 15) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 16) (Word) New Window
  • Form 5: Scope of Work (Objective 17) (Word) New Window
  • Form 6: FFY 2014 Budget (Excel version 2010.  Available upon request.)
  • Form 7: FFY 2014 Budget (Excel) Opens a new browser window.
  • Form 8: Request for Non-Network Sponsored Travel (Word)  New Window
  • Form 9: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Word)  New Window
  • Form 10: Training Worksheet (Excel, 1.3MB)  New Window
  • Attachments and Resources

  • Attachment 1: Network Approved Nutrition Education Materials List (PDF)  New Window
  • Attachment 2: Free and Reduced Price Meal (FRPM) Data (PDF, 3.3MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 3: ACS 2006-2010 Census Tracts, All Races (PDF, 2.2MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 4: ACS 2006-2010 Census Tracts, Ethnicities (PDF, 8.6MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 5: ACS 2006-2010 Census Block Groups, All Races (PDF, 6.3MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 6: ACS 2007-2011 Census Tracts, All Races (PDF, 2MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 7: ACS 2007-2011 Census Tracts, Ethnicities (PDF, 6.4MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 8: ACS 2007-2011 Census Block Groups, All Races (PDF, 6.4MB)  New Window
  • Attachment 9: Travel Reimbursement Information (PDF)  New Window
  • Attachment 10: Local Support Form (Excel)  New Window
  • Attachment 11: Social Ecological Model (PDF)  New Window
  • Attachment 12: Allowable/Unallowable Costs Table (PDF)  New Window


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