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January 2014



CX3 Orientation Webinar

13, 2014

NEOP Leaders on the Move - 2014 Cohort

23, 24 2014

CX3 GIS Mapping Training

27, 29 2014

LHD Program Training and Fundamentals - FFY 2014


CX3 Orientation Webinar

Date & Time: January 13, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Description:  This introductory webinar for local health departments explains the importance of examining the food and physical activity environment in low-income neighborhoods.  It provides background on the development of CX3 and rationale for implementation.  Presenters cover the design of the project, a conceptual flow and basic steps of the process, and teach LHDs how to select CX3 neighborhoods. Participants get a brief overview of upcoming trainings, the types of tools and methods used in the process and resources provided.    

Audience:  Local Health Departments

Slides:CX3 Orientation 

Contact:  Lynn Fuhrman, Lynn.Fuhrman@cdph.ca.gov

Category: Evaluation

Sponsor: Network for a Healthy California

NEOP Leaders on the Move - 2014 Cohort

Date & Time:  January 23-24 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Description:  NEOP Leaders on the Move (NLOM) offers a unique learning environment and practical strategies to support leaders working across the spectrum to create change.  The cohort based program will engage 15-20 leaders from across LHDs funded by the CDPH NEOP Branch in a one year community engagement leadership training consisting of leadership assessment, leadership trainings, peer learning, webinars, technical assistance, and experiential learning.

Audience:  Pre-registered LHD staff and  community residents, champion moms, and/or non-profit leaders. 

Location:  Sacramento

Contact:  Sarah Newton, Program Coordinator, at (916) 498-6969 or sarah@connectccp.org

CX3 GIS Mapping Training

Date & Time: January 27, 2014 (Sacramento), January 29, 2014 (Bakersfield)

Description:  CX3 participants use an on-line GIS map viewer to complete a series of CX3 instruments/worksheets (supermarket access, transit to supermarkets, farmers’ markets, fast food outlets, and markets around schools) to compile and interpret mapping data.  This skill-building training is hands-on with lots of practice time. The training is intended for LHDs beginning the CX3 process in FY14. Other LHDs who have already completed GIS Mapping (aka: Tier 1) but would like a refresher or train new staff are welcome to attend, space permitting.

Audience: Primary - CX3 Project Staff

Level: Advanced

Format: In Person

Location:   DHS Enterprise Training Rooms, 1500 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento


1) Intro to GIS webinar (recording here:  https://student.gototraining.com/2c0f6/recording/6547387588199618048AND
2) CX3 Orientation webinar on Monday, January 13th

Registration:  Information will be provided during Orientation webinar

Contact: Lynn Fuhrman, Lynn.Fuhrman@cdph.ca.gov

Category: Other

Sponsor:  Network for a Healthy California

LHD Program Training and Fundamentals - FFY 2014

Date & Time: Per LHD Request Trainings

Description: FFY 14 is quickly approaching with several updates to the Network’s program operations and requirements. To assist all local health departments with the changes, we have revised the comprehensive edition of the Program Training. We are planning to take it “on the road” to provide you with up close and personal (and yes, fun) training.

This training can either be for new or seasoned staff involved with program planning and management. It includes information about the new role of the local lead agency, partnering, policy systems and environmental change processes, the Grant Agreement Scope of Work, new reporting requirements, and much more.

If this training looks like it would be helpful for you and your staff, fill out the attached form and return to your Program Manager.

Audience: Primary: Project Coordinators / Secondary: Admin. Staff, Nutrition Educators

Level: The training is designed for new LHDs, Network-funded staff or any LHD staff that would like a refresher.

Format: In person training

Location: On site at your LHD

Contact: Sandy Fagin, (916) 445-8116, Sandy.Fagin@cdph.ca.gov or Chris Bilbrey, (916) 319-9809, Chris.Bilbrey@cdph.ca.gov

Sponsor: Network for a Healthy California


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