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List of Appendices (PDF)   

A1    Budget Justification (PDF)   
A2    Budget Cover Sheet (PDF) 
A3    Scope Of Work (PDF)    
A4    Sample Position Description (PDF)   
A5    Request for Non-Network Sponsored Travel (Word)   
A6    Subcontractor Budget Justification (PDF)   
A7    Commonly Used Acronyms (PDF)   
A8    Invoice (PDF) 
A9    Contractor Equipment Purchased with CDPH Funds (CDPH1203) (PDF)   
A10  Contractor Release Form (PDF)   
A11  Expense Detailed Summary Spreadsheet (PDF)   
A12  Bi-weekly Time Log (Excel) 
A13  Quarterly Time Study (PDF)   
A14  Bi-weekly Time Log Automated Systems Request Form (PDF)   
A15  Duty Statement (PDF)   
A16  Semi-Annual Certification of Activity (PDF)   
A17  Transmittal sheet (PDF)   
A18  Inventory/Disposition of CDPH Funded Equipment Form (CDPH 1204) (PDF)   
A19  Property Transfer Report (STD 158) (PDF)   
A20  Property Survey Report (STD 152) (PDF) 
A21  DPA Travel Reimbursement Information Form (Exhibit G) (PDF)   
A22  Network Out-of-State Travel Approval Form (PDF)   
A23  BAR for Continuing Contracts (PDF)   
A24  Indirect Cost Simplified Allocation Methodology (PDF)   
A25  Indirect Cost Multiple Allocation Method (PDF)   
A26  Subcontractor Agreement Form (PDF)   
A27  Contract Information Form (CIF) (PDF)   
A28  Office of State Publishing Specification Form (PDF)   
A29  Invoice Dispute Notification Form (PDF)   
A30  Memorandum of Understanding Form (MOU) (PDF)   



III. Program Planning and Resources Section

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