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Evidence and Practice-based Nutrition Education

The Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB) provides statewide direction on targeted nutrition education and obesity prevention strategies designed to:

  • Increase access and consumption of healthier foods;
  • Decrease consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages and increase consumption of water;
  • Increase physical activity opportunities throughout the day.
  • These evidence and practice-based campaigns and programs conduct culturally relevant and age-appropriate interventions to reach low-income families where they live, work, learn, shop, and worship.

    Model SNAP-Ed Social Marketing Initiatives

    Many of the campaigns and programs created by the California Department of Public Health Are featured in the USDA SNAP-Ed Obesity Prevention Toolkit for States. This toolkit is a compilation of successful pilot and proven community and school interventions that have approval for implementation with SNAP-Ed funds.

    • African-American Campaign, paired with Body & Soul
    • California Fit Business Kit (Worksite Program)
    • Children's Power Play! Campaign
    • Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Prevention (CX3)
    • Latino Campaign, with Toolbox for Community Educators
    • Retail Program
    • Rethink Your Drink Campaign
    • Youth Participatory Action Research Projects (YPAR)


    Contact Us

    For more information, please contact NEOPB at (916) 449-5400

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