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African American Campaign Community Empowerment

The guiding principles of the African American Campaign consumer empowerment agenda support advocacy efforts to create community and school environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity. Use this information to make positive changes in your community.


Case Studies - Learn how local residents worked with community partners, business leaders, and decision-makers to increase the availability of fruits, vegetables and physical activity opportunities in their neighborhoods.

  • Bike Lanes Pave the Way to Safe Physical Activity (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • A Farmers' Market That's Food Stamp Friendly (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • A Farmers' Market Grows in West Fresno (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • A Grocery Store 10 Years in the Making (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • A Movement Toward Health (PDF, 1.4MB)Opens a new browser window
  • A Safe Route to Healthy Food (PDF)Opens a new browser window
  • Caring Youth and Adults Put the Sparkle Back into San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhood (PDF, 1.2MB)Opens a new browser window
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