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    The California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC) is the thriving cancer coalition established by the California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program in 2002 that serves as the vehicle for comprehensive cancer control in California. CDOC is a dynamic coalition of individuals and organizations working together to reduce the burden of cancer in the state of California. CDOC was created specifically to develop and implement California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (the state cancer plan). The state cancer plan is a strategic plan to reduce the cancer burden in our state, and is designed to provide guidance to individuals and organizations spanning a wide range of health and social disciplines that can play a role in reducing the burden of cancer.  Through a coordinated and integrated approach, CDOC implements planned strategies outlined in the state cancer plan to reduce cancer in our state.

    CDOC is comprised of representatives from a variety of organizations, constituencies, and interest areas in cancer prevention and control. Representation of this diverse group includes state and local governments; private and nonprofit organizations; health, medical, and business communities, and academic institutions; researchers; cancer survivors; caregivers and advocates. CDOC is administered by the California Department of Public Health and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


    To reduce cancer suffering and mortality in California through risk reduction, early detection, better treatment and enhanced survivorship.






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Join us as we strive to achieve the goals of California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2016-2020. By becoming a CDOC member, you will be joining hundreds of individuals and organizations in the united fight against cancer in California.  CDOC members work and partner with the most informed and dedicated professionals and community members in the field. Benefits of membership include collaboration on statewide projects, networking with cancer control leaders throughout California, and enrollment in CDOC’s listserv and mailing list which will keep you current on cancer control events, research, and funding opportunities. JOIN TODAY!

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