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Climate Change and Public Health:  Building Healthy Communities and a Healthy Planet Webinar Series

We invite public health professionals, policy makers, community health advocates and others to view this webinar series that introduces climate change and health across California, especially how some populations are more at risk. The series provides tools to effectively communicate the need for action at the local level, and identifies upcoming opportunities to reshape our communities to create “win-wins” for improving health and addressing climate change.

This series explores connections between the built environment, chronic disease, environmental justice and climate change, identifies ways to leverage on-going public health work at the local level, and highlights opportunities to collaborate with key partners to create healthier and more sustainable communities. Our keynote speakers will identify practical tools and guides that you can use to enhance your current work and address climate change at the local level.

For questions about the webinar series, please contact Dorette English, CalBRACE@cdph.ca.gov , CalBRACE Project, Office of Health Equity

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Building Healthy Communities and a Healthy Planet Series
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