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Data and Surveillance - Helping to Discover Causes

MO-08-0075 CBDMP


A goal of the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program (CBDMP) is to provide data to researchers.  In doing so, we hope to reduce the incidence of birth defects and help identify causal factors.

In the past, CBDMP has conducted research to test promising hypotheses.  During that time we were able to investigate particular birth defects or environmental exposures.  We also collaborated with scientists around the world to conduct comprehensive studies and share ideas and findings.  To find more information on past studies, please refer to Past Research.

Currently, CBDMP tracks rates and trends with our Registry, a database of medical and demographic information on children with birth defects.  We also respond to public concerns by investigating birth defect clusters or targeting surveillance around sites of environmental concern.  For more information on how to report a birth defect cluster, please contact CBDMP.

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