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Prostate Cancer Treatment RFA 10-10413

Prostate Cancer Treatment Program RFA 10-10413 Update 1-13-11 (PDF, New Window)

Addendum 1  1-13-11 (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 1 - Application Checklist (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 2 - Application Cover Page (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 3 - Scope of Work (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 4 - Applicant Reference Form (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 5 - CCC-307 - Certification (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 6 - Payee Data Record (STD 204) (PDF, 1MB, New Window)

Attachment 7 - RFA Clause (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 8 - Conflict of Interest Compliance Certification (PDF, New Window)

Attachment 9 - 8-Line Item Template (Word, New Window)

Attachment 10 - Additional budget Detail Template (Excel, New Window)

Attachment 11 - Budget Justification Template (Word, New Window)

Exhibit A - Standard Agreement (PDF, New Window)

Exhibit B - Budget Detail and Payment Provisions(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit C - online at http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/ols/GTC-610.doc

Exhibit D - Special Terms and Conditions(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit E - Additional Provisions(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit F - Contractor's Release(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit G - Travel Reimbursement Information(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit H - HIPAA Business Associate Addendum(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit I - Invoice Cover Letter Template(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit J - Staffing Report(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit K - Approved Salary Ranges(PDF, New Window)

Exhibit L - PCTP Grid of Reimbursable Services(PDF, New Window)


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