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Information for Primary Care Providers

Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts (CDP: EWC) providers have an important role.  They join with CDS to assist underserved women in obtaining high quality screening and follow-up services with the intent of preventing and detecting cancer in the early stages.  This section contains information designed to assist providers participating in CDP: EWC.

CDP: EWC uses a web-based billing and data system.  Participating Primary Care Providers perform online patient enrollment and data collection.

Data Reporting
Program Standards and Expectations
  • The CDP: EWC Program Manual for Primary Care Providers (PDF, New Window) is designed to assist providers with the Case Management of women enrolled by them into CDP: EWC.  The manual contains information regarding clinical standards, program expectations and assistance available to providers.  Document last revised December 2006.
  • The Medi-Cal manual for CDP: EWC (Word, New Window) has a listing of CPT codes paid by CDS and related program policies.

  • The Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Telephone Service Center (TSC) Hotline is available for billing related questions at 1-800-541-5555

Tobacco Cessation
  • Effective May 1, 2011, Primary Care Providers are required to assess the tobacco use status of all patients screened through CDP: EWC, and refer those that use tobacco products to tobacco cessation programs, such as the California Smokers’ Helpline (1-800-NO-BUTTS, www.californiasmokershelpline.org) and/or available local resources.
  • The California Smokers' Helpline provides many valuable resources for Smokers, Tobacco Chewers, and Health Care Providers.
  • The California Tobacco Control Program provides information on a variety of topics, including help with quitting and local tobacco control efforts.
  • The Center for Tobacco Cessation provides training and technical assistance to organizations statewide to increase their capacity in tobacco cessation.
Treatment Program

Free treatment is available through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program to all Californians who qualify.  Information on this program is available on the Medi‑Cal website or call 1-800-824-0088 to speak with an eligibility specialist.


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