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DPDP was established in 2005 by SB 1159 (Vasconcellos, Chapter 608, Statutes of 2004) to evaluate the long-term desirability of allowing licensed pharmacies to sell or furnish nonprescription hypodermic needles or syringes to prevent the spread of blood‑borne pathogens. The program allows local health departments, after obtaining authorization from their local government, and pharmacies, after registration with the local health department, to provide NPSS. 

California code governing the DPDP is made inoperative by SB 41 until January 1, 2015, when the provisions of SB 41 sunset. At that time, if subsequent legislation has not been enacted to extend and/or make permanent the statewide authorization of NPSS, DPDP will once again be in operation until 2018. 

Download the SB 1159 Evaluation Report: Over-the-Counter Pharmacy Syringe Sales in California (PDF)Opens in a new browser window.

Picture of PharmacistThe Disease Prevention Demonstration Project DPDP and non-prescription syringe sales (Video)Opens in a new browser window.

This educational documentary for pharmacists features interviews with public health officials and with pharmacists who are currently providing non-prescription syringes to their customers. The video addresses questions and concerns pharmacists may have and explores the role of pharmacists in reducing the spread of HIV and viral hepatitis in their communities.

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