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National HIV Testing Day is June 27


Find Events and a Testing Site Near you

  • HIVtest.org will help you find National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) events in your area. Register your event so others can learn about it. This site also includes posters and other testing resources.
  • Tell your friends, colleagues, and family to find their local HIV testing sites by sending a text message with their ZIP code to “KNOWIT” (566948).

California-Specific HIV Testing Information and Resources

HIV Testing Experiences

Other HIV Testing Information and Resources

  • nineandahalfminutes.org - Every 9 1/2 minutes is a component of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC's) new national domestic campaign for HIV/AIDS called “Act Against AIDS”.  This campaign aims to reduce HIV incidence in the United States.
  • The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation fact sheet, HIV Testing in the United States, provides key testing statistics, testing recommendations as advised by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), testing sites and policies, including state specific information, and a summary of the types of tests available.
  • statehealthfacts.org - A Kaiser Family Foundation Web site featuring key data and information about HIV testing by state, including the share of residents who have received HIV test in the past year or at any point during their lives.
  • Greater than AIDS - A coordinated national campaign to mobilize Black Americans in response to AIDS and promote specific calls-to-action to prevent and reduce the further spread of HIV.

Please visit our HIV Testing Resources page for additional HIV testing resources in California.



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