Welcome to the State of California 


Please tell us how you use EpiCenter.  This information helps us think about improvements we might make.  It also helps determine whether EpiCenter is a useful way to make public data available.

Please send us an email telling us the following:

  • In using EpiCenter, what organization, if any, do you represent?


    • Interested citizen
    • School
    • Government
      • Federal
      • State
      • County
    • Law
    • Legislature
    • Local health department
    • Advocacy group
    • Other?
  • How will you use the data you found on EpiCenter?


    • News release
    • Safety material
    • To inform local policy
    • To inform larger policy (region, state, federal)
    • Support for grants or other proposals
    • Other uses?
  • Any think else you would like us to know?
  • Please send us a link to any public material you produce that has EpiCenter data in it?

Thanks.  Once again, here is the link to our email.

Last modified on: 4/11/2011 9:04 AM