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Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Laws and Regulations

Health and Safety Code

 Section Section Title
1204.3 Birthing Centers:  Written Policy re: CPS Dissemination
 1212 Clinics:  Written Policy re: CPS Dissemination
1268 Hospitals:  Written Policy re:  CPS Dissemination
1596.95 Day Care Centers:  Posted CPS Signs

Insurance Code

 Section  Section Title
 11580.011  Car Seat Replacement After Accident-Auto Insurance Companies


Motor Vehicle Code

 Section Section Title
1560-03 Child : Unattended in Vehicle - General Provisions
15620,30 & 32 Child : Unattended in Vehicle - Spanish Translation
15620 Child:  Unattended in Vehicle - Offenses
15630-32 Child:  Unattended in Vehicle - Educational Provisions
27360 Child Passenger Restraint System:  Requirements for Children 8 and Younger
27360.5 Child Passenger Restraint System: Safety Belts: Requirements
27360.6 Child Passenger Restraint System: Penalties and Fines
27361 Notice to Appeal for Violation
27362 Child Passenger Seat Restraints:  Compliance
27362.1 Child Passenger Restraint System: Prohibition Against Resale After Accident
27363 Exemption: Medical Conditions or Size
27363.5 Child Passenger Seat Restraints:  Information Requirement
27364 Legislative Intent
27365 Car Rental Agencies:  Child Restraint Systems:  Notice
27366 Child Passenger Restraint Systems:  Duties of Department
27368 Child Passenger Restraint System:  Three-Wheeled Motor Vehicle

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