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Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Laws and Regulations

Health and Safety Code

 Section Section Title
1204.3 Birthing Centers:  Written Policy re: CPS Dissemination
 1212 Clinics:  Written Policy re: CPS Dissemination
1268 Hospitals:  Written Policy re:  CPS Dissemination
1596.95 Day Care Centers:  Posted CPS Signs

Insurance Code

 Section  Section Title
 11580.011  Car Seat Replacement After Accident-Auto Insurance Companies


Motor Vehicle Code

 Section Section Title
VC Section 15600 Kaitlyn's Law
VC Section 15602 Application of Division
VC Section 15603 Purpose of Division
VC Section 15620 Prohibition Against Unattended Child in Vehicle
VC Section 15630 Fine Allocation
VC Section 15632 Dissemination of Information Concerning Prohibition Against Unattended Child in Vehicle
VC Section 27315 Mandatory Seat Belt Law
VC Section 27316 Safety Belt Schoolbuses Study
VC Section 27316.5 School Pupil Activity Bus Passenger Restraint System
VC Section 27360 Child Passenger Restraint System:  Requirements for Children 8 and Younger
VC Section 27360.5 Child Passenger Restraint System: Safety Belts: Requirements
VC Section 27360.6 Child Passenger Restraint System: Penalties and Fines
VC Section 27361 Notice to Appeal for Violation
VC Section 27362 Child Passenger Seat Restraints:  Compliance
VC Section 27362.1 Child Passenger Restraint System: Prohibition Against Resale After Accident
VC Section 27363 Exemption: Medical Conditions or Size
VC Section 27363.5 Child Passenger Seat Restraints:  Information Requirement
VC Section 27364 Legislative Intent
VC Section 27365 Car Rental Agencies:  Child Restraint Systems:  Notice
VC Section 27366 Child Passenger Restraint Systems:  Duties of Department
VC Section 27368 Child Passenger Restraint System:  Three-Wheeled Motor Vehicle

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