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Child Passenger Safety CHP Citation Data

 People in California who don’t properly restrain their children in vehicles can be ticketed for Vehicle Codes 27360 (ages 0-8 in the rear seat) or 27360.5 (ages 8-16). People who leave their children unattended in vehicles can be ticketed for Vehicle Code 15620. These tickets are citations given by either local (police or sheriff) or state (California Highway Patrol) law enforcement. Once cited for one of these violations, a person is either convicted or the citation is dismissed. If a person is convicted then the courts send this information to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and it’s recorded as a conviction. (California DMV Conviction Data)

VOSP is providing conviction data from the DMV and citation data from the CHP on occupant protection related vehicle code violations for you to be able to see the results from your CPS collaborations and outreach activities. Use the information in all the vehicle codes provided to compare and contrast between years and across counties.

For an explanation of how to use the data in this site to help you to see how actively the CPS law is being enforced (citation data) and how actively the courts are fining the person found guilty of violating the law (conviction data), read our tips for interpreting this data and using it in your work.

Citations are issued by either local law enforcement such as the police or sheriff, or state law enforcement, the California Highway Patrol. The data provided here is only from the CHP and does not include all citations issued in your area. To get a more complete picture of all citations given in your area, you will need to work with local law enforcement agencies. You may or may not choose to do this. The intention in providing you CHP data is to give you some indication of the numbers of citations it takes to get some portion of CPS convictions, and thus the critical role that all law enforcement has in this collaboration.

The data provided here is listed by CHP Division. CHP Divisions do not match along county lines. Therefore you will need to determine which CHP Division areas fall within your county. The statewide table summarize the data by year, CHP Division and Area, and vehicle code.

Vehicle Codes

  • 15620 or 15620A - a.k.a. Kaitlyn's Law (leaving children unattended in a car) - cites parent and driver
  • 27360 (children ages 0-8 years, in the rear seat)
    - part A cites parent in the car
    - part B cites driver in absence of parent in the car
  • 27360.5 (children ages 8-16 years) - cites parent and driver
  • 27315 (adult seat belt violation) - Data for VC 27315, the adult seat belt violation code, has been provided to you for your reference only. Fines in this category do not go to the CPS program.
    - part D cites the driver
    - part E cites the passenger
    - part F cites the operator of a vehicle without proper working safety belt systems including taxicab and limousine owner/operator
  • California Vehicle Code on the DMV website

Occupant Protection Restraint Citation Data, 2005-present

The California Department of Public Health has received permission to make available this information from the CHP in this static format. No tampering of the data is allowed.

 Child Passenger Safety CHP Citation Data for California

This document is updated periodically. For additions and corrections, please contact: Kate.Bernacki@cdph.ca.gov.

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