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Worksite Nutrition and Physical Activity

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This page provides resources on how to support and promote employee wellness at the worksite. Fostering a healthy workplace can benefit an organization by improving employee morale, increasing productivity and by reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs. he resources available on this page pertain primarily to nutrition, physical activity and breastfeeding.

California Department of Public Health Workplace Breastfeeding Support Information for employers and employees on the importance of and how to create and sustain a supportive work environment for breastfeeding.

The California Fit Business Tips These are distributed monthly to partners, businesses, and the general public on behalf of the Network for a Healthy California -- Worksite Program. The Fit Business Tips were developed to educate working Californian’s on the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity.  Each month, the Fit Business Tips provide practical suggestions for incorporating fruits and vegetables and physical activity into the workday.

California Food Guide The latest California Food Guide (CFG), letter from the California Food Guide Editorial Chair and Press Release documents are available.

Guidelines for Offering Healthy Foods at Meetings, Seminars and Catered Events (PDF)Opens a new browser window.These guidelines from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health provide planning tips and example menus for providing healthy foods at work events.

Indiana Healthy Worksites Toolkit for Small Businesses Follow the steps in the Indiana Healthy Worksites Toolkit for Small Businesses and its companion Action Cards to create an environment where health can happen.  Check out more resources on creating healthier worksites.

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity  Healthy Meeting Toolkit (PDF, 5.5MB) Opens a new browser window.
provides guidance for organizations that hold meetings and conferences. The toolkit addresses four topic areas: nutrition, physical activity, tobacco-free, and sustainability.

Network for a Healthy California--Worksite Program The Network for a Healthy California -- Worksite Program is a public health initiative led by the California Department of Public Health and administered by the Public Health Institute. The Worksite Program has developed the California Fit Business Kit to help employers develop and implement a culture and environment at their workplaces that support healthy eating and physical activity among workers. The Worksite Program works with employers throughout California to: 1) Improve access to healthy foods and physical activity at workplaces; 2) Foster supportive work environments that encourage healthy lifestyle choices; and 3)Establish public policies that bolster health promotion efforts at worksites.

NIDDK: Being Healthy is a Big Deal (PDF)Opens a new browser window. A few tips for families to eat healthy foods and be active.

Nutrition Standards to Promote Healthful Eating among Employees and Visitors (PDF)Opens a new browser window.  This brochure provides dos and don’ts, helpful hints and sample menus for keeping any occasion healthy. Guidelines can be used when planning menus and ordering food and beverages for all workplace meetings and events.

Take Action 10-Week Health Promotion Plan Take Action! is a free, 10-week, Web-based program that empowers employees to improve their health by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity in the worksite.

Take Small Steps Today! This page provides over 100 tips to take small steps to a healthier lifestyle.

WIC: Healthy Habits for Life California Campaign California Women, Infants and Children Program is participating in a national nutrition education campaign using the Sesame Workshop Healthy Habits for Life initiative for the implementation of new WIC foods. Components of the California Campaign will include staff training, participant education, partnership with healthcare providers and other partners and a retail/vendor component. Topics to be addressed in the campaign include:

  • “Eat the rainbow” of fruits and vegetables
  • “Anytime and Sometime” foods
  • Increase whole grains
  • Choose low fat or nonfat milk
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Decrease sweetened beverages and juice
  • Decrease high fat foods
  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding
  • How to shop for healthy choices with the new WIC checks

The Worksite Wellness Resource Kit The Worksite Wellness Resource Kit outlines the importance of worksite wellness programs, example program strategies, policies and environmental approaches, resources and assessment tools.

Worksites Eating Smart and Moving More Provides resources that professionals and community members can use to make their worksites places that are supportive of efforts to Eat Smart and Move.

If you want to recommend other web pages that promote optimum nutrition and physical activity in the workplace, please send the suggested web-links to mchinet@cdph.ca.gov.

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