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MO-09-0011 BFP

Train the Trainer Workshop


To develop internal staff trainers within each hospital to sustain on-going staff education needs

  • Education for staff trainers selected by the supervisors of each participating hospital
  • Sessions are most effective when staff of multiple hospitals participate together
  • Includes information related to adult learning styles and needs
  • Allows time for staff trainees to prepare and to teach a session and receive feedback from peers
  • Description

    The BBC Train the Trainer Workshop was created so that hospitals could develop internal staff trainers to sustain on-going staff education needs.  Supervisors identify staff members from among those who have attended the BBC Learner Workshop to become their hospital’s BBC Trainers.  During the Train the Trainer Workshop they receive additional education about the needs of adult learners and are given the opportunity to practice teaching some of the modules to each other.

    Those who complete the Train the Trainer Workshop form teams in order to provide education to untrained or new staff in their own hospitals or collaborate with network hospitals to offer network-wide staff trainings.   Similar to the Learner Workshop, the Train the Trainer Workshops are held on 2 days separated by at least 2 weeks.   The first day emphasizes adult learning theory and the rationale for utilizing different modalities when providing staff education.  During the second training day, each team presents a section of the Learner Workshop and receives feedback.

    Included in the Train the Trainer Manual is a step by step guide to implementing the 16-Hour Learner Workshop.

    The following is the link to the “Train the Trainer Manual”  The size of the entire document is quite large.

  • Full Train the Trainer Manual (PDF, 2.15 MB)Opens a new browser window.
  • The Train the Trainer Manual includes a facilitator’s guide, adult learning and supplemental materials.It provides the following for each of the thirteen modules:

  • Detailed Session Plans
  • Key Messages and Rationale
  • Recommended Tools
  • Recommended Supplies List
  • Recommended Videos
  • Additional Resources

  • BBC Bibliography And Annotated Titles (Word)Opens a new browser window.
  • BBC Photo Bibliography (Word)Opens a new browser window.
  • Website Listing (Word)Opens a new browser window. are also available to trainers for additional resources and information
  • It is highly recommended that trainers who offer the BBC Learner Workshop have previously attended a Learner Workshop as participants themselves.  The Learner Workshop should model the different teaching methods utilized and applied during the staff training Learner Workshop.  Lecture-style methods alone have not been found to be effective in maintaining staff interest.  Providing opportunities for interaction, elicits participants’ concerns so that they can be addressed in a positive, supportive way.

    If an experienced trainer is not available in your hospital or area, consider contacting other areas that have already implemented BBC.  Often they will collaborate by offering an opportunity to a limited number of staff from outside their hospital to attend their BBC Learner Workshop so that these staff can later become BBC trainers for their hospital.

    For technical assistance and support contact

    PAC-LAC : http://www.paclac.org/
    Tel: 818-708-2850
    E-mail: info@paclac.org

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