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Regional Perinatal Programs of California Fact Sheet

MO-07-0004 RPPC


  • The Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC) evolved from the need for comprehensive, cooperative regionalized networks of public and private health care providers to promote the well-being of pregnant women and their newborns.


  • An evidence-based approach to reduce perinatal mortality by applying early effective specialty and subspecialty  care management to high risk pregnant women and neonates through organized perinatal regional networks.


  • Coordinate the planning, collaboration and promotion of an integrated regionalized perinatal health system of high quality, risk appropriate care for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and their infants.   


  • Many high-risk women and infants do not have access to specialized care and are more likely to die or suffer permanent disabilities 

Program Activities

  • Facilitate local perinatal advisory councils to provide regional planning, coordination, and recommendations to assure appropriate levels of care.
  • Perform hospital surveys and perinatal assessments of regional and statewide significance, including collecting and assessing data.
  • Develop communication networks among agencies, providers, and individuals to exchange information. 
  • Disseminate educational materials and produce a statewide newsletter: Perinatal Care Matters.
  • Provide resource directories, referral services, and hospital linkages to the Northern and Southern California Perinatal Transport systems (CPeTS), which locate beds for high–risk mothers and infants and provide transport assistance, transport data reports, and perinatal transport quality improvement activities, including emergency triage and transport in the event of a disaster.
  • Assist hospitals with quality improvement activities, data collection protocols, and quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the region’s infrastructure for maternal and neonatal levels of hospital care by forming and maintaining Regional Cooperative Agreements (RCAs) to support access to centers for high-risk pregnant women and infants. 

Who Benefits

  • All pregnant women, especially mothers-to-be in the perinatal period, and their infants, especially those who are at high risk for medical problems related to pregnancy, labor and delivery, its sequelae, as well as the community at large.

Who Provides Services

  • Regional Perinatal Program Directors and staff provide resources, consultation, and technical assistance to hospitals and health care providers. To locate assistance in your area, please see our Directory of Regions with Contacts.


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