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Caution : Permanent Cessation of Breastfeeding

MO-08-0058 BFP

If the mother must stop lactating permanently, her Health Care Provider should inform her of ways to gradually reduce her milk production so that she can try to avoid plugged ducts, mastitis, abscess, etc.

Some recommendations include:

  • Utilizing a hand pump or hand expression to remove small amounts of milk to reduce engorgement and soften the breasts, but not trying to remove all the available milk
  • Using firm but not excessively binding breast support
  • Applying cold compresses

Some providers initiate the use of oral contraceptives with estrogen, which has been shown to reduce milk production.

An example of patient information to share:

In addition, the mother should be referred to:

  • Her child’s pediatrician for information on how to access banked human milk or identify the appropriate formula to use for her infant/child
  • Community resources (i.e. WIC, food banks, Public Health Nursing) that provide information on how to acquire, store and prepare formula
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