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MO-10-0013 BFP

Hospital Quality Improvement Team


To make system-wide changes to improve maternity care policies and practices and provide ongoing monitoring of changes.

  • Individual Hospital Quality Improvement Teams
  • Assesses and monitor hospital performance on implementing evidence-based breastfeeding policies and practices
  • Description

    An interdisciplinary team (Word)Opens a new browser window. that includes staff who have the skills and are given the responsibility to make evaluate current activities and make changes to improve maternity care practices.


  • Quality Improvement Team Worksheet (Word)Opens a new browser window.
  • Model Hospital Policy Recommendations Self-Appraisal (Word)Opens a new browser window.
  • Action Plan (Word)Opens a new browser window.
  • For technical assistance and support contact

    PAC-LAC : http://www.paclac.org/
    Tel: 818-708-2850
    E-mail: info@paclac.org

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