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Rancho ARCC

USC/Rancho Los Amigos

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
7601 East Imperial Highway (800 West Annex)
Downey, California 90242
PH: 562-401-8130
FX: 562-803-6900

Principal Investigator: Freddi Segal-Gidan, P.A., Ph.D.
Medical Director:  Helena Chui, M.D.

The USC/Rancho Los Amigos ARCC was established in 1985 placement at a the grounds of Rancho Los Amigos in the city of Downey at the southeastern edge of Los Angeles County. Its placement at a university-affiliated rehabilitation center gave it an ealry thrust toward improving function, supporting families, preventing secondary conditions, and utilizing team work as mainstays of care. The program has been successful in attracting many additional resources: an Ischemic Vascular Disease Program Project, an Adult Day Services Center, the McCarron Alzheimer Center and Endowed Chair, and state-funded research on caregivers.

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center also provides services to patients and their families who don't speak English. Currently, the staff is able to easily handle Spanish- Armenian and Chinese-speaking individuals, making communications among doctors, patients, staff members, and caregivers much easier for everyone concerned. This makes for better diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for patients and their family members.

The goals of this ARCC are twofold:

  • to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment services to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and associated dementias; and
  • to conduct cross-ethnic/racial research, long-term care giving outcomes, and long-term patient outcomes.
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