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Chemical Laboratory Response Network (LRN-C)


Our primary mission is to develop and maintain state-wide competence in the proper collection, transport, and storage of clinical specimens for chemical analysis following an intentional or accidental chemical release.

Our secondary mission is to understand California's capacity for performing chemical analyses, to be able to advise public health and governmental officials interested in exposure analysis following a major chemical event.


California's LRN-C is the education and coordination component, Laboratory Level 3, of California's chemical response under the CDC-funded Cooperative Agreement for Preparedness and Response to Bioterrorism. The analytical component, Laboratory Level 1, is managed by the Sanitation and Radiation Laboratory Branch. Other states have similar programs and more information can also be obtained at the CDC website.

Specimen Information

CDC Collection and Shipping Information 


Kevin Chao, Ph.D., Coordinator
All Hazards (CBRNE) Preparedness Training Statewide (Public Health) Coordinator
Chemical Incident Response, and Laboratory Response Network - Chemical
Environmental Health Laboratory Branch
850 Marina Bay Parkway, MS G365
Richmond, CA 94804
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