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Water-related activities in CDPH take place in the Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management (DDWEM), the Division of Food, Drug, and Radiation Safety (DFDRS), and the Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control (DEODC). 

  • DDWEM's Environmental Management Branch regulates shellfish growing areas and oversees recreational health.  Its Drinking Water Program transferred to the State Water Resources Control Board.
  • DFDRS' Food and Drug Branch regulates water bottlers, haulers, distributors and vendors, and manufacturers and distributors of seafood and shellfish products.
  • DEODC's Environmental Health Investigations Branch assists communities and agencies in evaluating health concerns related to hazardous waste sites and active industrial facilities, which may have water-related issues; performs studies related to drinking water; and issues guidelines related to the safety of eating fish.
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